Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Minor Update

Ok, so I tried drawing 16 pages today like I said. I got the initial sketch part finished and a few pages of final inking... But I was entirely burnt out. Having a single finished page seems to be more satisfying for me at this point than doing a lot of something but not having any one page complete.

What sucks is that the former process can take longer; but I guess the by-product of being overwhelmed is too great a cost. So, I'm switching back to the page-a-day method for now. Perhaps once I actually begin generating income and my dream has become a reality can I then focus on an assembly-line drawing fashion. Right now having concrete, finished pages is my best measure of success. One step at a time.

Also, while I was drawing I finally noticed some bad anatomy. It wouldn't hurt to do a review of a page before inking it, if at least to get into the habit of spotting more subtle (sometimes) problems before I waste time and energy.

My next assignment is to finish a page and record all the observations so that I can at least work toward making the slower method faster.

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