Sunday, November 21, 2010


So my goal is to finish all 64 pages of my comic before 2011. It's not looking very likely that it will happen at the desired level of quality. In other words, I can certainly draw all the pages but they may not look as good as I want them to.

I've decided on getting as far as I can and do one page at a time. I'd rather have 32 finished pages than 64 half finished pages. So the work needs doing, but I want to goof off! Instead, I'm going to at least set some kind of goal and play after I finish some work.

There are basically 2 kinds of goals: timed based and objective based.

If I had a timed based goal it would be something like- work for 6-8 hours. The upside to this goal is that I can eventually automatize a set timeframe for working and 'getting into it' won't be that difficult.

An objective based goal would be- finish 3-5 pages. If I am able to finish a realistically set goal, then there will certainly be time left over to do other things.

So here's my solution. Since my job hours are usually 4-12, I'll make that my work time frame. During that period, my goal is to get 1 page completely finished and then move on to complete more pages. I'll work from 4 until 11 tonight.


This image represents a breakthrough! Over the last couple of days, I've been inking the simplest panels only. That means, I've basically been inking frontal bust shots.

This process has allowed me to experiment within the most controlled environment possible; an environment with relatively little variation. From doing this, a genuine flair for drawing the characters has emerged. For instance, in this panel I have begun to understand and improve upon Amber's hair style. I had other successful panels prior to this one, but again I really felt like this panel represented an 'aha!' moment.

Oh yes, and after I complete these easy panels, I'll move on to slightly more difficult panels- basically bust shots but with backgrounds or hands. This will allow me to take steps and progress with the least amount of frustration. Also, I did 2-3 pages worth of panels in a day! So my productivity is actually improving a little!

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