Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 2 grade: D+

First thing: all 7 pages didn't get finished; only 5. However, the finished pages look better overall- the background, linework, composition, and effects have all improved. Each page is much more complete. Also, the overall speed has improved.

Achieving a C average next week will require the completion of all 7 pages. I need improved compositions. Experimentation is fine, and won't necessarily count against you. Make sure to put in all the music notes. Develop some lab props outside of work. Search for the ideal scale/ line weight. I want no incomplete forms.. no lines that aren't connected to anything. Negative spaces around characters needs to feel 'more natural'.

Remember: and A represents ready-to-print material that is both easy to read and fun to look at. It needs to have flair.

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