Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year and Weekly Goal

I've been working on a page every day now for 8 days. Some observations have begun to surface.

I'm devoting a minimal amount of time each day to completing the page. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but a fundamental choice has once again emerged: either trade in your 'other' time for 'drawing time' or don't expect to do a serial. I'm simply not putting out work that meets my standards. This evaluation is given based on the facts of my current situation. At this rate, I'm more suited to working on my graphic novel... which may be a good idea.

One desire I've had is to actually begin some sort of planning outside my work time. Another is the desire to increase speed-- this one is most minor. Lastly, more skill building during work is probably the strongest desire right now.

Here's the criteria for evaluating my weekly work:

Goal: 7 pages finished

Estimated time: 56 hours (@ 6-8 hours per page)

Grade is based on actual performance and growth. An 'A' during week 1 will not be the same as an 'A' during week 11. You will receive 2 letter grades lower for late work.

A full 7 pages completed of average quality will score higher than only a portion of the work of excellent quality. The goal is to increase stamina, speed, and quality in that order.

First goal: To complete the page count in the allotted 1 week time frame. A 'C' will be awarded if this goal is achieved and represents a comic with complete, solid drawings with good construction, composition, and readability. The letter grade will then change depending on the actual quality of the drawings: a higher letter grade represents above average ability given my current aptitude (same for lower letter grades).

Week 1 grade: C-

Lots of hits and misses. Virtually every panel (save one... maybe) needs work to some degree. The minus is for the 2 bad panels that could have been easily fixed. That said, you nearly had a flat C. Shouldn't be too difficult to achieve a C next week, but you'll have to show some overall drawing construction, background, and technique improvement.

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