Saturday, December 18, 2010

The final pages are the results of my best work. If I say "I can do better than that" I have 2 options: either rework the drawings or move on and work on new ones. Neither are particularly ideal for me. Regardless of which option I choose, the fact remains that I can visibly see that there is improvement to be made in my mind and I should work harder to reach my desired skill level.

I've never had an assistant position. I am slowly making up for this. I've heard you have 2,000 bad pages in you before you start making good ones. I'm sure that's not an exact figure, but I sort of lament not having the opportunity to increase my skill on someone else's work : P So I guess I'm stuck working out problems on my own work. The sooner you get the experience out the way, the sooner you'll be making good work. However, I'm not going to make the mistake (again) of thinking that cumulative hours equals all the required experience needed to minimize mistakes. If you never learn to draw hands, for instance, spending 200 hours drawing comics won't necessarily remedy that. You need to focus on a specific problem.

I think reworking the drawings are better than passing over them. There are specific problems that need to be solved (hence the reason I think they're bad drawings) and skipping over them without analyzing, fixing, and preventing them will only mean I'll make the same mistakes in the future.

Too often I've been setting myself on 'autopilot' while I work by putting on music and not focusing. While I think this is desirable and fine in most cases, I need to figure out and be able to have complete focus when solving problems. That means interrupting the entertainment when necessary.

To sum up: Work on getting pages done, but don't forget that you're real goal is to gain proper experience and increase your skill levels. Do focused learning and practice just as often as working on finishing material.

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